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RBT is leader in electrical automation and controls. We provide solutions for PLC programming, motor controls, machine design, and upgrades, machine guarding, and safety. Our professional electrical contractors can help you get your equipment approved. From design to build to programming and troubleshooting, RBT Electrical and Automation has the skills to provide world class solutions for all the unique challenges facing our clients. For over 18 years we’ve provided leading design and manufacturing of automation and control systems across varying industries including manufacturing, food production and automotive. As your single source industrial contractor for electrical, automation and control services, RBT Electrical and Automation can save you time, money and hassle in coordinating your project.

RBT industrial electrical and automation contractors can complete full system installations and take you from the design/build stage to installation and through to production. Trust in our full-service custom solutions, leading technology and best practices tailored to your automation requirements and environment.


Your control systems are the heart of your operation. You can count on RBT Electrical and Automation to provide solid solutions that are reliable, efficient and engineered for safety. Our trained electrical engineers provide professional PLC programming services and control. We install and code controls and equipment fit for your process and environment.


Our electrical design contractors provide complete automation electrical control design, including panel and cable layouts. From small projects to large full-scale implementation, we can meet all of your project’s needs efficiently.


RBT Electrical and Automation Services provides comprehensive and integrated safety solutions to protect your employees, your machines and your facility. Through our consultation process, RBT designs, manufactures, retrofits and installs the necessary solutions and technologies to ensure your manufacturing and processing systems are safe and efficient.


From installation to upgrading, RBT Electrical and Automation can ensure your motor controls are finely tuned for your needs and compliant for your industry.


When you’re looking to upgrade your systems, trust RBT Electrical and Automation. We have extensive experience upgrading machines from old relay logic to program logic.


All machinery used in Canada must be approved for such use. RBT can help you get your equipment approved. With our extensive knowledge and experience in inspecting and modifying machinery, and working with inspection agencies, we can help remove the stress from a seemingly daunting task.


What does an industrial electrician do? 2021-08-04T19:12:49+00:00

An industrial electrician installs, repair, and replace electrical wiring, lighting fixtures, switch boxes, and industrial instrumentation and associated equipment. They deal with electrical control systems, panels, and motors, among other things.  

Contact us  today to fulfill all your electrical and automation requirements, from small repairs to complete design and installation of projects.  

What are machine guards? 2021-08-04T19:19:33+00:00

Machine guards are safety devices used to cover parts of a machine that can be hazardous for people working on or around the machine.  Machine guards also prevent tiny, hazardous objects from flying out of the machine and causing injury.  

What are programmable logic controllers? 2021-08-04T19:44:41+00:00

A robust industrial controller  also known as a  programmable logic controller (PLC) is used to regulate the  manufacturing  process . The status of output devices is controlled by PLCs, which monitor input devices and make decisions depending on the program loaded by the operator.  

We provide solutions for PLC programming, motor controls, machine design, and upgrades.   Contact us  today to fulfill all your electrical and automation requirements, from small repairs to complete design and installation of projects.  

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